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 النسخه الاخف والاسرع علي الاطلاق Micro XP Pro 0.90.May.2011 باخر تحديثات لشهر مايو وبحجم 262 ميجا فقط :: علي اكثر من سيرفر مباشر

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عدد الرسائل : 919
العمر : 35
تاريخ التسجيل : 09/04/2008

مُساهمةموضوع: النسخه الاخف والاسرع علي الاطلاق Micro XP Pro 0.90.May.2011 باخر تحديثات لشهر مايو وبحجم 262 ميجا فقط :: علي اكثر من سيرفر مباشر   الثلاثاء مايو 31, 2011 8:13 pm


الاكثر من رائعه والمبنيه علي اساس الاكس بي مدمج معها الحزمه الخدميه
الثانيه SP2 تعمل علي اقل الامكانيات ولا تستهلك في تسطيبها سوي دقائق
معدوده وهي الاخف والاسرع علي الاطلاق كما انها مفعله وتقبل التحديث من

are a lot of crap MicroXP out there, and this isn't one of them. This
is a quality release.No need to activate. All significant speed
enhancement are built-in except for swap file. All applications work
except those that check WGA (very few MS apps like Security Essentials).
No MS Update, see why below. Feature-wise, this copy has almost all the
features of original XP Pro. Why install this copy instead of retail?
No need to activate, malware-free, much faster, more secure and requires
less ram than retail copy. Can I use this copy to fix my friend's

Yes, this is a high quality release.


The removal of "Out of Box Experience" component is the cause of this.
I'm sharing this on the internet, and even though I have a malware free crack, Anti-Malware software still categorize it as malware.
Since my main source of propagation is torrent, someone would report that it has a trojan even if doesn't and the torrent would be removed for the shear single complaint.
Torrent sites have lost integrity, mostly because they don't have the ressources to confirm each case. It is irrevelant if the complaint comes from an older member.
They abuse their power and their report is often because they can and not because it was warranted. Every torrent site is the same pirate bay, demonoid...just a bunch of
jokers. If I could include my activation crack, then MS update would work and so too the other software.
Very few MS software are WGA dependant; software from other companies unaffected.
Windows is not best protected by updates, but by virtualization or an Anti-malware product.


Do not update XPlite.
Use XPlite's shrink feature, and if you want to remove XP features for whatever reason make a restore point with system restore.
Use Avira Personal for antivirus and Comodo for firewall. Avast, AVG, Comodo are not as good for antivirus.
Better than Anti-Virus software is virtualization software like Returnil or Deep Freeze; restart my computer and your gone trojan *****.
Install .net frameworks via AIO @ sereby.org
Update directx with web installer from microsoft.
Install glary utilities and use all of their utitilies including 1-click maintenance and registry defrag.
Install ccleaner, don't use registry cleaner for that product.
If using magnetic storage, defrag hard drive.
For backups, use DriveImage XML.
For browsing, use google chrome.
For video, use VLC.
Do not turn off "file and printer sharing" firewall exception if you intend to do such an activity or your software uses the "computer browser" service.

Below you find in depth information about this release.
I remove components and services either because they present no benefit, little benefit or a security benefit.
It's extremely rare to find an app that uses something I removed; so put your mind at ease. Don't panic.

Removed Components:

Support for Multi-port Serial Adapters (nobody uses this nowdays)
Many UnnecessaryDrivers (space and slows XP install)
File and Settings Wizard (useless, transfers too little settings 2B worthwhile; garbage)
Korean/Japanese Languages (huge thus removed)
XP Help Files (useless, web is better)
Out of Box Experience; No MS Update
A few MS Apps like Security Essentials don't work.
Upgrade Functionality (clean install is best anyway)
Program Compatibility Wizard (not needed)
MSN Explorer (not important)
.art image format (old)
Intel Indeo Codecs (old)
Luna Desktop theme (useless)
Movie Maker (old)
Music Samples (useless)
FrontPage Extentions (useless)
Old .net Framework Files (unused)
Old Blaster removal tool
MS XML 2.0 (old)
Search Assistant (useless)
Tour (useless)

Size: 262 MB

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النسخه الاخف والاسرع علي الاطلاق Micro XP Pro 0.90.May.2011 باخر تحديثات لشهر مايو وبحجم 262 ميجا فقط :: علي اكثر من سيرفر مباشر
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